Year 12 students are completing Stage two of their SACE as they prepare for either tertiary study or the work force the following year.

Students at Stage two complete three lessons each week of CCAPP alongside their SACE assessed subjects which run on a timeline of five lessons per subject; two double lessons and one single lesson.

Students are given an option of supervised study spaces during any free periods. Year 12 students are allowed the flexibility of arriving to school late or leaving early due to free periods on their timetables and with appropriate permissions.

Throughout the year, we provide Year 12 students with:

  • Information sessions about how to make the most of your study
  • Team building days and activities
  • A two day camp in the middle of the year
  • The Year 12 Formal held at the end of Term 1

Study Pathways

Students on the tertiary study pathway are aiming to achieve SACE completion and an ATAR for university or TAFE entry. Year 12 students must complete four or five full year elective subjects.

Students on a work ready pathway are aiming to achieve SACE completion and Vocational Educational Training (VET). They will have completed all core SACE subjects and may complete only three elective subjects in order to study VET.

There is flexibility between the two pathways as VET courses will still allow a student to gain an ATAR and some students planning to be work ready do not complete VET, although it would be encouraged. Christianity, Careers and Personal Planning (CCAPP) is a core subject at all year levels and is not SACE assessed.

2018 Year 12 Photos