Year 12 – Physics

Level: Stage 2
Prerequisites: Stage 1 Physics, Stage 1 Mathematical Methods
Assumed knowledge: Nil

Course Summary:

Stage 2 Physics will be undertaken as a 20-credit subject.

Science inquiry skills and science as a human endeavour are integral to students’ learning in this subject and are interwoven through their study of science understanding, which is organised into 3 topics, which are: 1. Motion and Relativity 2. Electricity and Magnetism 3. Light and Atoms. Through the study of these topics, students develop and extend their understanding of the interaction between matter, energy and forces in motion, electric and magnetic fields and through the study of the nature of light and atoms, they develop their understanding of models within each topic.

The topics for Stage 2 Physics are:

  • Topic 1: Motion and Relativity
  • Topic 2: Electricity and Magnetism
  • Topic 3: Light and Atoms


Investigation Folio (30%)

  • At least two Practical Investigations, one involving Collaborative Work
  • One investigation with a focus on Science as a Human Endeavour

Skills and Applications Tasks (40%)

  • At least 3 tasks

External Examination (30%)