Our aim is that your child will graduate as a confident and compassionate young adult, well-equipped to take their place in the world. We seek to foster a commitment to Jesus Christ and a passion to live life in such a way as to bring honour and glory to God.

Education that is Christ-centred

'Jesus Christ is Lord' has been our motto since the College's foundation in 1979. Central to our programs is the belief that God has reached out to humanity through His Son, Jesus Christ. In Jesus, God has demonstrated His love for each individual. This understanding of God gives purpose and meaning to life. Our students are taught their unique worth in light of this.

We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God and is the standard by which all ideologies, philosophies and theologies are to be evaluated. Therefore, Christian education is in accordance with Biblical truths and principles, academically sound, and effective in helping individuals to serve God and others.
We aim to encourage and enable each student to individually develop a spiritual understanding and Biblical worldview that informs their life.

All our teachers have a real and personal faith in Jesus Christ. They endeavour to provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment where students learn skills and develop abilities to reach their potential.

Academic Achievement

At Emmaus Christian College, we believe that students thrive and academic results are achieved when they know they are loved by their Lord and Saviour.

In Matthew Chapter 13, Jesus told the parable of the sower where we see that it is only the seeds that fall on the fertile soil that grow to produce a large, healthy crop. We believe it is our role, in collaboration with parents, to help 'prepare the fertile soil' in the hearts and minds of our students so that the seeds that God has implanted will flourish and grow.

We give glory to God for the continued success of our students.

A Balanced Curriculum

Our students are taught the Australian Curriculum through the lense of a Christian worldview. Our balanced curriculum equips them for tertiary study and vocational development, leading to effective service to the community through a range of career paths.

Our students are enabled and encouraged to be politically and socially aware, to act from a sound ethical base and to pursue excellence. Combined with the development of personal character and discernment skills, this provides students with a firm foundation for the future.

We are committed to providing rigorous, relevant and engaging learning opportunities to all students in line with the Australian Curriculum. Our teachers explicitly embed high order thinking skills within their curriculum, so that all students can increase their thinking capacity and creativity. Growth Mindset strategies are integrated throughout the program.

We are a dynamic Christian community that continually seeks to further understand and employ concepts of justice, mercy and humility in all aspects of the educational process. Our student led Social Justice Committee and Emmaus Christian College Outreach (ECCO) committee are evidence of this.