“Andrea, [Principal, South Plympton Secondary] I want to thank you, and all of the Emmaus staff for being part of the “village” for my children. You have given them such a wonderful start. Thank you for the love, the care, and the way you all go above and beyond. I appreciate this school so much. As our son, Nick, said tonight after The Rite Journey Homecoming Ceremony, “We chose the right school, didn’t we Mum?” Thank you, and may God bless you and all the staff. November 2023”

Margaret Dow — Parent of Year 9 and Year 12

“The school focuses on a child’s holistic development and teachers are actively involved to impart on a spiritual, emotional and academic level to every child, individually. Children are recognised to be uniquely gifted and are celebrated in exercising their gifts and talents. They see the potential of each student and they will go the extra mile for that individual student to ensure they reach her/his full potential... We are so thankful to God today and praise Him for his providence in guiding our footsteps towards Emmaus Christian College, which we have found to be in accordance with our hearts' desires.”

Amoné Burger — Brooklyn Park Campus Parent

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“I am thankful for the caring, supportive staff and nurturing parent community. What a beautiful community where like-minded families feel connected, supported and blessed.”

Megan Petruzzelli — Brooklyn Park Campus Parent

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“Its a great Christ-centred school. My kids are flourishing.”

Alice Hingston — Parent

“We feel so blessed to be part of the Emmaus Community. Our children feel safe, loved and able to be their authentic self.”

Amanda Lemmon — Parent

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“The love shown throughout Emmaus is a daily reminder of God’s love towards me, as the best way to spread God’s love is through loving others.”

Emma — Year 12 Student 2018 and Topaz House Captain

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“I love the bubbly and encouraging atmosphere of the community at Emmaus Christian College, the caring teaching from every staff.”

Kelsie — 2018 Year 12 Student and Emerald House Captain

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“Throughout my time here at Emmaus, my faith has grown and deepened particularly through Christian Studies and assemblies. The teachers at Emmaus provoke discussion, which has allowed me to ask myself questions about my faith and developing it through this.”

Mitchell — Ruby College Captain in 2018

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“There are also many things I am looking forward to this year, like camp at El Shaddai campsite, debating and dancing in the musical, which this year is the movie High School Musical. Overall I am really excited for the rest of this year and the things I will experience.”

Hanna — Year 8 Student 2019

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Old Scholars

“VET helped me find what I was passionate about and I am so excited for what's ahead as I learn and grow in my abilities as a Hairdresser.”

Alison Davies — Old Scholar 2020

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“Maddie said, "My experience with VET was very successful as I have been employed as an Assistant Educator at a childcare through the completion of my Certificate III VET course. The course itself required a lot of hard work and commitment, especially with COVID restrictions in place throughout the year."”

Maddie Guy — Old Scholar 2020

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“Something that Emmaus has that most other schools don’t, is that warm and uplifting Christian community. I was just really lucky to be blessed with people and friends around me that were able to encourage me to bring me closer to God which I’m really thankful for.”

Cindy Lam — Old Scholar 2019

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“My six-year journey at Emmaus was a genuinely life-changing experience. I had the opportunity to be involved with extracurricular activities such as House Leadership, Worship Band, Vocal Ensemble, Social Justice, Girls Connections and Maths Tutoring. These experiences increased my awareness of the needs of others whilst building confidence in my God-given abilities.”

Louisa Tedesco — Old Scholar 2019

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“So, THANK YOU Emmaus, for building much of the foundation of my education with me, helping me grow personally, spiritually and encouraging me to dig deep into what I could be capable of when I apply myself and rely on God to provide for me.”

Hayley Matthews — Old Scholar 2017

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“Emmaus helped me grow as a Christian and mature into an adult throughout my time there. The fantastic staff provided a well-rounded education and genuinely cared about their students.”

Bradley Griggs — Old Scholar 2014

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“The opportunity to have frank and open discussions with teachers about my abilities, grades and tertiary study options was invaluable. I am so grateful to the teachers who shaped this incredibly malleable time of my life and for believing in me.”

Pietta Gresham — Old Scholar 2013

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“There are not enough words to describe how grateful I am for my experience at Emmaus and I can't thank the teachers enough for their help in shaping me into the woman I am today.”

Krystal Maunder — Old Scholar 2011

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“I have had the privilege and honour of being mentored by the amazing staff for over 16 years, and these teachers continue to inspire me everyday to be all that God has created me to be.”

Penny Window — Relief Teacher and Parent

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“Emmaus empowers us as teachers to follow our strengths and vocation, and then supports us with resources to make it happen.”

Ben Squire — Year 9 Rite Journey Coordinator & Student Wellbeing Coordinator

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“At Emmaus all teachers are constantly looking for ways to improve their craft, make content engaging, relevant and meaningful for students and are sincere in their care for each individual in their classes. Emmaus is not just an institution, but a community that cares for each and every person young and old”

Daryl Porter — PE, Health and Sports Coordinator (F-12)