Our College is structured on the needs of our students as we strive to provide a nurturing environment where respect for each other and ourselves is a evident. We place the highest priority on the safety, health and welfare of its students and will take all reasonable steps to ensure students are safe from physical and mental harm while at school.

Teaching and Learning

Our Leadership and Board recognise that safe, healthy and inclusive working and learning environments are essential to enable delivery of high quality educational outcomes for students. A child or student’s safety, health and wellbeing are tied to their ability to learn. Learning and wellbeing are inextricably linked – students learn best when their health, safety and wellbeing are optimised, and they develop a strong sense of wellbeing when they experience success in learning. We have a pivotal role to play in connecting character development in children and young people to individual and collective wellbeing, which in the longer term will shape the values and attitudes of the society in which they live.

The College education programs build the foundations for wellbeing and lifelong learning through curriculum embedding personal and social capabilities, (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social management) in the implementation of the F-12 curriculum.

We acknowledge that student resilience and wellbeing are essential for both academic and social development, and are optimised by safe, supportive and respectful learning environments. The development of a caring community and a strong network of support for our students is central to our ethos, education programs, support services and daily work.

More recently, we have worked more explicitly to further promote the wellbeing of our students. This included integration across a range of policies and procedures and education programs.

The Wellbeing Program

At Emmaus Christian College, our Wellbeing Programs aims to:

  • Develop a rich culture and positive ethos that provides a strong sense of belonging, connectedness
  • Foster an understanding of personal self-responsibility and resiliency
  • Create a safe environment that fosters learning engagement and maximises student experiences and achievement
  • Promoting and supporting social and emotional learning
  • Work as a whole school community F-12 to see these goals developed.

Student Wellbeing Coordinators

Our role as Student Wellbeing Coordinators enable us to interact with students across all year levels and to participate in many activities and events across the life of the College. Social and Emotional Literacy (SEL) is an important aspect of student wellbeing and, as part of our roles, we continue to promote its importance and students alike.

We are privileged to be actively involved in promoting groups for Senior students with Connections Girls and Boys, and Tif Girls for the Year 5/6 students.

Squire Ben

Mr Ben Squire

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

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Ms Kat Law

Student Wellbeing Coordinator

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