Our Vision
Inspiring hearts, inspiring minds.

Our Mission
To inspire young people by providing excellence in education within a caring Christian community.

Our Values

Faith - Nurturing a Christ-centred faith and lifestyle.

Learning - Cultivating a lifelong love of authentic learning.

Community - Fostering authentic Godly relationships.

Service - Encouraging acts of service at school and in the wider community.

Our Purpose

We want students to know that they are loved by God, to know that they are not a chance creation, but a unique individual deliberately created; that God’s love towards each of us was demonstrated in Jesus. From an understanding of this, we want our students to know their worth, and become mature Christian adults.

We see the pursuit of excellence as important. Each student will learn to know and develop the unique set of abilities God has given him or her so that as mature Christian adults they will have a positive, Godly influence on their world.

The Word of God is central to what we do. As a College community we will seek to constantly grow in our understanding of God and His call on our lives both individually and corporately.

We offer a nurturing environment where respect for both ourselves and others is to be a characteristic. This speaks of a community where the diversity of gifts and abilities are fostered and celebrated, where empathy and compassion are evident and serving others is an aspect of worship.

We are committed to be responsive to the needs of the world which our students will inhabit in the future and the opportunities that will be available for Christians to have an impact in that world for the glory of God.

  • School structures will be focused on the needs of students.
  • Maintaining strong school/home communication will be a priority
  • Our timetable caters for a broad range of student needs
  • Our school curricula endeavours to meet the needs of all students
  • Our school facilities (infrastructure – buildings, grounds, resources) are reviewed regularly and updated as required to ensure they cater for the learning experiences of all students
  • A balanced curriculum that addresses academic and spiritual needs, as well as physical and mental/emotional wellbeing in a way that is in harmony with Biblical truths is paramount

Our Philosophy

Christian schooling is an extension of the education which Christian parents provide for their children in the home. While recognising that the home has the primary responsibility for the education of children, we see that the influence of Christian teachers, peers and curricula is significant in helping children develop as committed Christians and responsible, effective members of society.

We believe that the Bible is the written Word of God and is the standard by which all ideologies, philosophies and theologies are to be evaluated. Therefore, education should be Christ-centred, in accord with Biblical truths and principles, academically sound, and effective in helping individuals to serve God and others.