Music lessons form part of the compulsory curriculum from Foundation to Year 8. It is then offered as an elective subject in Years 9 to 12 and can be completed as part of SACE Stages 1 and 2.

Junior School Music

The Junior School curriculum engages students in music at all year levels from Foundation to Year 6. Music knowledge, understanding and skills are developed individually and collaboratively. Students gain the confidence to be creative, innovative, thoughtful and skillful musicians. They learn skills to respond and listen with intent and purpose and develop an understanding of music as an aural art form as they acquire skills to become independent music learners.

At Emmaus Christian College, we value giving our students opportunities to experience hands on learning and our Band Program is one of the College’s initiatives that creates a platform for this. This program allows all Year 5 and 6 students to learn an instrument for one semester and culminates in a performance in front of an audience at the ‘Battle of the Bands’ showdown.

Performance Opportunities

Performance opportunities enrich students’ music education. Performing gives students a sense of achievement, builds self-confidence and helps mastery of memorisation, all while improving students coordination, emotional development and creative thinking. Ensemble students have the opportunity to perform at a variety of events throughout the year, such as:

Instrumental Tuition and Ensembles

Students from Year 1 and upwards have the opportunity to enrol in private instrumental tuition, under the guidance of our music tutors who are experts in their fields. We currently offer tuition in 17 different instruments. When a student is proficient on their instrument they will be encouraged to audition for any of our Junior School Ensembles such as:

  • Concert Band
  • Junior Chamber Ensemble
  • Junior School Choirs for students from Years 1 to 6
  • Stage Band 2

Year 5/6 Band Program

Our Band Program is a semester long program offered to all students in Years 5 and 6. These students learn a Brass or Woodwind instrument (flute, clarinet, alto or tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone) for one semester during class music lessons as part of the Year 5/6 Band Program. The hire of these instruments is included in your child’s composite fees and there is great excitement as classes earn points throughout the semester culminating in a ‘Battle of the Bands’ evening concert on completion of the program.

Emmaus Christian College supports parents in developing the art of music for their children to glorify and worship God. At the end of the semester, students have the opportunity to continue learning their instrument by enrolling in individual tuition lessons.

Year 5/6 Band Program Information

Year 5/6 Band Program Terms and Conditions

Secondary Music

Music is a compulsory subject for Years 7 to 8, and an elective subject for Years 9 to 12. Music lessons across Years 7 to 12 cover practical studies, theory, aural, sound production and song writing.

Students who elect to study a full year of music in Year 8 are strongly encouraged to enrol in instrumental tuition. Please note that students who are wishing to pursue music in Year 9 and beyond should undertake study in an instrument in Year 8 to be assessment ready on their instrument. It is expected that as part of the subject studies, music students in Years 8 to 12 will:

  1. Perform at the annual Emmaus Music Showcase
  2. Perform at an Instrumental Evening either Autumn, Winter or Spring
  3. Undertake individual weekly lessons on their chosen instrument
  4. Be encouraged to audition for College Ensembles and the Secondary School Musical

Performance Opportunities

Across the year, our students have many performance opportunities both in and out of the College. The College has been performing at some of the following festivals for a number of years, winning awards and achieving high accolades for our involvement. Annual performance opportunities include:

  • College Musical / theatre production
  • Generations in Jazz Festival
  • Essentially Ellington Down Under Regional Festival
  • SA Band Festival
  • Easter in the Mall
  • Tuesdays on Flinders Concert
  • Music Count Us In
  • Father’s Day Breakfast
  • Graduation Evenings

Music Ensembles

Involvement in ensembles and bands are optional for Secondary School students and are offered subject to student numbers. The following co-curricular options are currently on offer:

  • Stage Band 1
  • Stage Band 2
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Vocal Ensemble
  • Flute Ensemble
  • Rock Band
  • Worship Band
  • Concert Band

SACE Music Subjects

The following Music Subjects are offered in Year 11 (Stage 1) and Year 12 (Stage 2) and form part of SACE:

SACE Stage 1 Units

  • Music Experience: Designed for students with emerging musical experience and a strong interest in music
  • Music Advanced: Designed for students with a substantial background in music, encouraging development of their skills and knowledge

SACE Stage 2 Units

Stage 2 music can be undertaken in 20-credit or 10-credit subjects. Students may study up to 40-credits. A full subject is 20-credits. Subjects we offer at the college are:

  • Music Studies (20-credit)
  • Music Explorations (20-credit)
  • Music Performance - Solo (10-credit)
  • Music Performance - Ensemble (10-credit)

Instrumental Tuition (all Students)

Instrumental tuition is available at the College during the school day. Instrumental Tutors provide lessons individually and lesson times across all year levels are rotated so students do not miss the same subject weekly.

Instrumental tuition lessons are available for a wide range of instruments including the following:

Recommended Student Year level


Year 1 +Recorder, Viola, Violin
Year 2 +

Piano (classical or modern), Guitar (acoustic, electric or bass), Fife, Ukulele, Cello, Drums

Year 3 +


Year 4 +Clarinet, Saxophone
Year 5 +

Trombone, Trumpet

Year 6 +Voice
Year 7 +Bassoon

Please note that the Year levels are a guide only. Tutors may assess students if they wish to start an instrument earlier.

Tuition Fees

The fee for each 30 minute lesson is $34.00 per student.

Parents liaise directly with the instrumental tutor regarding payment and student progress. Students experience a variety of music within their lessons and will receive a report on their progress each semester.

Please refer to the links below for full program details and all relevant forms required to enrol in instrumental lessons.

How to Enrol

To enrol for Instrumental Tuition with Emmaus Christian College, please complete the Instrumental Tuition Enrolment Form along with the Instrumental Tuition Agreement and return to:

Music Assistant, Emmaus Christian College, 7 Lynton Avenue, South Plympton SA 5038 or email Alison Miller.

More information about Tuition

Music Tutors

Music Performance Levels

All students who learn an instrument at the College participate in Music Performance Levels. This is a program created by the Music Coordinator F-12 in collaboration with the college music tutors to give students a performance opportunity and to give a measure of how they are progressing on their instrument.

Learning an instrument is a journey, requiring time and commitment to further develop their skills. Performance Levels enable us to celebrate their journey along the way. At the end of each semester students perform for two instrumental music tutors/class music teachers. These two markers confirm if the student is performing at their allocated level (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum). Certificates are awarded and presented at assembly to acknowledge their commitment to learning their instrument. Please note that one instrumental tuition lesson per semester will be replaced by this performance.

Instrumental Evenings

A variety of evenings are scheduled throughout the year, giving our instrumental students opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Students/Parents are notified when the online form is live to book their place in the evening’s show. We encourage all students to perform irrespective of their ability. Students learning an instrument outside of the College are also encouraged to perform.

Performance Uniform

Please note that all music students who are part of the ensembles listed below require the Performance Uniform. This includes the College blazer for all students and for boys, a tie and long pants, whether in Junior or Secondary School. For the Generations in Jazz Festival both Stage Band and Vocal Ensemble require formal black attire such as black dress pants; provided by families.

  • Stage Band 1
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Vocal Ensemble