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7 September 2023

Seasons for Growth - A Student Wellbeing Program

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Seasons for Growth - A Student Wellbeing Program

Seasons for Growth is a loss and grief program designed to provide support and education to young people dealing with various forms of change, loss and grief. It aims to empower them to understand and navigate the impact of these changes in their lives.

Program Description
Seasons for Growth is an educational program, not a counselling or therapy session. It’s designed to be an early intervention peer support education program. The central idea is that change, loss and grief are natural and essential aspects of life and understanding them can be empowering.

Who can join?
The program is open to children and adolescents in both Junior School and Middle/Senior School who have experienced significant changes or losses in their lives. It’s not limited to just dealing with death; it encompasses various forms of loss, such as serious injuries, loss of self esteem and parental stresses like unemployment. The program is tailored to suit specific age groups.

How does it work?
The program is based on small peer groups with one adult companion to facilitate. It provides a safe space for young people aged between 6-18 to learn and practice new ways of understanding and responding to change and loss. The program emphasises the development of children and young people’s identity. It is structured into four seasons- Autumn, Winter, Summer and Spring to illustrate that no season lasts forever, each is unique and important for personal growth, seasons are unpredictable and each has its own story. It consists of an 8-week timeframe, doing one session a week for the duration of 40 minutes.

How to be involved?
Season for Growth is run by dedicated Wellbeing team member, all whom have had formal training to conduct the program effectively. Their role is to encourage young people to participate in this supportive environment. The program is adapted to different age brackets, with upcoming sessions being announced with notice. The program is voluntary for students. To join, students must have a desire to participate and also have their parents' permission. The facilitator will communicate program details to staff, parents and students when it is suited to their age group. In summary Seasons for Growth offers a structed and age-appropriate approach to help young people better understand and cope with change, loss and grief in their lives through peer support and education.

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens”, Ecclesiastes 3:1 (NIV)

Further support
Life is full of ups and downs, and our Wellbeing Team is here to support your children through any of those challenges. Please seek out a member of our Wellbeing Team to help guide you with more information regarding the Seasons for Growth program.


Tash King
Student Wellbeing Counsellor F-12