Year 12 – Food and Hospitality

Level: Stage 2
Prerequisites: Nil
Assumed knowledge: Stage 1 Food and Hospitality

Course Summary

Stage 2 Food and Hospitality focuses on the contemporary and changing nature of the food and hospitality industry. Students critically examine attitudes and values about the industry and the influences of economic, environmental, legal, political, socio cultural and technological factors at local, national and global levels. Students develop relevant knowledge and skills as consumers and industry workers.

Course Content:

  • Food safety: Cafe Desserts
  • Contemporary trends: All Day Breakfasts
  • Environmental and Economic concerns: Gift baskets
  • Technological Development: Product development
  • Contemporary Australian Cuisine: Fusion Food
  • Roles and Responsibilities in Hospitality: Restaurant


The following assessment types enable students to demonstrate their learning in Stage 2 Food and Hospitality:

  • School Assessment (70%)
    • Assessment Type 1: Practical Activity (50%)
    • Assessment Type 2: Group Activity (20%)
  • External Assessment (30%)
    • Assessment Type 3: Investigation (30%)