Year 12 Subjects – Dance

Level: Stage 2
Prerequisites: None
Assumed knowledge: Dance experience in either curricular or extracurricular form is highly recommended and supports classroom learning.

Course Summary

Students develop creative, technical, and physical understanding, and an appreciation of dance as an art form. Dance has its own specific language and processes that students learn in theory and practice through the study of dance knowledge, dance creation and by responding to dance.

Dance prepares young people for participation in the 21st century by equipping them with transferable skills, including critical and creative thinking skills, and intercultural understanding. Dance develops individuals who are reflective thinkers, enabling them to refine their thinking and technical and expressive skills to communicate and give expression to social, cultural, and personal experience. Students learn to pose and solve problems, and work independently and collaboratively. As students engage with dance practice and practitioners in diverse global contexts, they develop imaginative and innovative ways to make meaning of the world. Dance establishes a basis for further education and employment across many fields, including the arts and culture industries. It also provides opportunities to pursue lifelong social and recreational activities.

Course Content

Full Year Course

Students will explore Jazz Technique. They will build and develop their strengths as a dancer and evaluate their progress. Students will explore technique workshops lead by professional dancers and classes lead by teachers. They will create a folio of evidence of their progress, reflecting on and developing their skills.

Students will explore the cultural origins and implications of dance. Students research and explore cultural contexts as a catalyst for the creation of their own self-devised dance works, which are recorded. Students will analyse their work and reflect upon their growth as a choreographer. Students will view live dance as a stimulus for response.

Finally, students will design, create and perform group performance work of approximately 15 mins. This will explore multiple genres and styles and will be recorded for assessment.


  • Performance Portfolio 40%
  • Dance Contexts Choreography 30%
  • Skills Development Portfolio 30%