Year 12 Subjects – Aboriginal Studies

Level: Stage 2
Prerequisites: Nil
Assumed knowledge: Nil

Aboriginal Studies is a 20 credit subject

Course Summary

Through learning with and from Aboriginal peoples and communities and deconstructing past experiences, students develop and apply their understanding of the diversity of community and how past influences and impacts affect individual perspectives on diversity, identity, cultural expressions and contemporary experiences. They develop and deepen their respect, empathy, and insight into experiences of significance to Aboriginal people. Students develop and extend respectful ways of thinking, responding, and acting and are empowered to take action in support of social justice.


School-based Assessment

Assessment Type 1: Learning Journey (40%)

  • Diversity and Identities
  • Cultural Expressions
  • Contemporary Experiences

Assessment Type 2: Social Action (30%)

This enables students’ to collaboratively plan and implement a social action which communicates their learning and aims to deepen their own understanding, and the understanding of the school or local community.

External Assessment

Assessment Type 3: Acknowledgment (30%)

Students choose a topic of own choice