Year 12 – Child Studies

Level: Stage 2
Prerequisites: Nil
Assumed knowledge: Stage 1 Child Studies

Course Summary

Child Studies is a 20-credit (full year) course which focuses on children’s growth and development from conception to 8 years. Students critically examine attitudes and values about parenting & care-giving, and gain an understanding of the growth and development of children. This subject enables students to develop a variety of research, management, evaluation and practical skills, applied to a variety of contexts.
Children’s lives are affected by their relationships with others; their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth; cultural, familial, and socio-economic circumstances; geographic location; and educational opportunities. Students investigate and reflect on ethical issues related to Child Development, the health and well-being of children, and the legal and ethical aspects of child protection.

Course Content

  • Sensory Development - Sensory Playmat
  • Effects on development of Children in Poverty - Learning Aid
  • Literacy in Social and Emotional Development - Children’s Storybook
  • Children and Technology - Father’s Day Activity
  • Child Nutrition - Group Food Activity
  • Community perspectives - Support for Carers


Assignments are assessed through Research, Action Plans, Practical tasks and Evaluation, using the following criteria:

  • Investigation and critical analysis
  • Problem-solving
  • Practical application
  • Collaboration
  • Evaluation

Summary of Assessed Tasks

  • School Assessment (70%)
    • Assessment Type 1: Practical Activity (50%)
    • Assessment Type 2: Group Activity (20%)
  • External Assessment (30%)
    • Assessment Type 3: Individual Student Investigation (30%)