Year 12 – English Literary Studies

Level: Stage 2
Prerequisites: Year 11 English with an assumed knowledge of above average text analysis skills

Course Summary

The subject focuses on the skills and strategies of critical thinking needed to interpret texts. Through shared and individual study of texts, students encounter different opinions about texts, have opportunities to exchange and develop ideas, find evidence to support a personal view, learn to construct logical and convincing arguments, and consider a range of critical interpretations of texts.

Course Content

Semesters 1 and 2:

  • Responding to Texts - study of a novel, poetry, a play and film, including a critical perspectives task
  • Creating Texts - a creative writing task and a transformative task with a writer’s statement
  • External assessment: Comparative Text study and 90 minute exam - a critical analysis on an unseen text


  • 70% Moderated assessment for Responding to texts and Creating Texts tasks
  • 30% External Assessment of 15% each for the Comparative Text Study and Exam