Year 12 Subjects – Psychology

Level: Year 12 (Stage 2)
Prerequisites: None
Assumed knowledge: None

Course Summary:

This subject sits between the life sciences and the humanities with two consequences. Psychology aims to describe and explain both the universality of human experience and individual and cultural diversity. It does this through the systematic study of behaviour, the processes that underlie it, and the factors that influence it. Through such study, students come to better understand themselves and their social worlds.

Course content:

Topics Covered Across the Year:

  • Personality - Exploring theories which help to explain personality and behaviours
  • Health and Wellbeing - Overview of mental health, stress and sleep, as well as the effects of social media
  • Organisational Psychology- Psychology applied to business including motivation, teamwork and leadership
  • Social Influence - Studying behaviours of individuals within a societal context
  • Learning - The way in which individuals learn


  • Folio (40%) consisting of an assignment OR test for each topic.
  • Investigations (30%) - one collaborative and one individual investigation
  • Exam (30%) - a two hour SACE exam