Year 12 Subjects – Workplace Practices

Level: Stage 2 Year 12
Subject Name: Workplace Practices
Prerequisites: Some VET or Work Experience
Assumed knowledge: Nil

Course Summary:

This program is designed for students who wish to gain theoretical and practical experience towards a potential career path. It is aimed at giving them a range of personal skills and attributes required for work as well as industry specific skills, knowledge and basic employability skills. The presentation of material is flexible to fit in with VET and work commitments. Folio pieces are chosen from the topics of “The Changing Nature of Work”, "Emerging Occupations in the 21st Century" “Finding Employment”. Students will be given some classroom teaching to develop vocabulary and conceptual understanding of Work Practices and the content matter of the subject outline. They will extrapolate from the general to the specific in their chosen field.

Course content:

  • Folio
    • Task 1: The Changing Nature of Work
    • Task 2: Emerging Occupations in the 21st Century
    • Task 3: Finding Employment
  • Work Placement/VET 1 (25 hours)
  • Work Placement/VET 2 (25 hours)
  • Reflection 1 and 2
  • Issue or Practical Investigation


  • Folio - 25%
  • Performance - 25%
  • Reflection - 20%
  • External Component - 30%