Year 12 Subjects – Chemistry

Level: Stage 2
Prerequisite: B Grade (or higher) in Stage 1 Chemistry
Assumed knowledge: Solving linear equations and graphing data

Course Summary

The study of Chemistry offers students opportunities to consider the use that human beings make of the planet’s resources and the impact of human activities on the environment. An understanding of chemistry, and the application of this understanding, helps students to appreciate the factors that influence the pursuit of science and to make informed decisions about modifying and interacting with nature.

Scientific inquiry commonly involves teams of people with diverse skills and knowledge. Chemists can contribute to such teams through their study of the properties, uses, means of production, and reactions of natural and processed materials. Chemists also make a critical study of the social and environmental impact of materials and chemical processes. Their skills in observation, and in designing and performing experiments, make an important contribution to advances in scientific theories.

Through the study of chemistry, students develop an understanding of the physical world that enables them to be questioning, reflective, and critical thinkers. As a way of knowing, students can use chemistry to explore and explain their experiences of phenomena around them.

Stage 2 Chemistry provides students with knowledge and skills to be able to undertake Science and Maths Degrees at university. It is essential for students wishing to apply for medicine.

Course content

Semester 1:

  • Monitoring the Environment - Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
  • Managing Chemical Process- Reactions Rates and Equilibrium
  • Organic and Biological Chemistry

Semester 2:

  • Organic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
  • Managing Resources


  • Four Topic tests - 40%
  • Two Investigations including one Design Practical - 20%
  • One Science as a Human Endeavour Task - 10%
  • External Examination - 30%