Year 10 Subjects – Visual Art - Art

Level: Year 10
Subject Name: Visual Art - Art
Prerequisites: Nil
Assumed knowledge: Nil

Course Summary

Year 10 Art is a semester program. Students will work through practical and theory units to develop their Art knowledge, skills and techniques. Through research, idea development and practical experimentation, students created resolved works in drawing, painting, sculpture and/or printmaking. Students learnt how to use sophisticated visual arts language when writing their artist statements and analysing artworks from historical Art movements.

Course content

Practical (options include)


  • Skills in observation techniques
  • Exploration of drawing media
  • Fundamentals of portraiture


  • Acrylic paint exploration of techniques and styles
  • Major artwork demonstrating personal aesthetic: still life, abstract, portrait and/or collaborative mural


  • Mixed media assemblage with an emphasis on sustainability
  • Clay bust focusing on facial proportions and expression


  • Silk screen-printing techniques and styles
  • Design based printmaking: using photography to exploring screen printing methods and media
  • Lino printmaking


  • Understanding the effects of the Art Elements and Principles in critical analysis
  • Art appreciation including an introduction to art analysis and artist statements
  • The history of modern art and their social, technical and political changes


  • Folio work (research, idea generation, explore and develop, refinement)
  • Practical assessment for major works of art
  • Theory based analysis tasks