Year 10 Subjects – Electronics and Computer Aided Manufacturing (eCAM)

Course Summary

In Design and Technology, students apply their knowledge and understanding of technological concepts to the investigation, analysis, development, and communication of ideas for product or systems design, production, and evaluation. This requires research of various design considerations including the impact of technological practices, products, or systems on individuals, society, and/or the environment.

Semester Content

This subject aims to develop students’ practical skills in Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Analogue and Digital Electronics (microcontrollers) and Robotic Systems. Students also develop Project Management skills through Design and Realisation processes.

Electronics and Computer Aided Manufacturing (eCAM) is a new Year 10 subject in 2021; Students who have completed the course could continue undertaking the following pathways within the SACE framework at Emmaus:

  • Industrial & Entrepreneurial Solutions
  • Digital Communication Solutions

For more information, about these new pathways, please visit


  • Specialised Skill Tasks
  • Design Process and Evaluation
  • Resource Study (Component Comparison/Analysis)