Year 10 Subjects – Science

Level: Year 10
Subject Name: Science
Prerequisites: None
Assumed knowledge: None

Course Summary:

In Science each year, the course is a stand alone course where aspects covered in previous years may be re-visited for further study the following year. During Year 10 Science, students who show potential can be offered extension activities, while the standard program caters for all students to discover relevance of science for themselves, that adheres to the Australian Curriculum.


  1. The world around is an awesome place. Through this course we intend to establish an awareness of the wonder, variety and intricate detail of God’s creation
  2. We live in a constantly changing world. Science has and is contributing to these changes. Through science therefore we intend to prepare and equip our students to fully function in this changing world.
  3. Science is a means of understanding our body and the environment we live in. Through this course we intend to foster attitudes towards healthy living and we encourage our students to actively contribute to maintaining a healthy environment.

Course content:


  • Atomic Structure, Chemical reactions and the Periodic Table


  • Newtonian motion, Work, Energy and Power
  • The Universe and Atmosphere


  • Genetics, Inheritance and cell division, classification, theories of origins of life


  • Practical Investigations
  • Tests
  • Assignments