Year 10 – History

Level: Year 10
Prerequisites: None
Assumed knowledge: None

Course Summary:

“History is bunk” declared Henry Ford in 1916. Well, in this subject we set out to prove Mr Ford wrong. Year 10 History is a course that covers three significant topics of the 20th Century. Throughout the year students will be exposed to big questions such as: How did the nature of global conflict change during the twentieth century? What were the consequences of World War II? How did these consequences shape the modern world and how was Australian society affected by other significant global events and changes in this period?

Course content:

  • World War 2
  • Rights and freedoms (1945 – the present)
  • Popular culture (1945 – present)


  • Skills and applications tasks
    • Inquiry tasks
    • Bookwork
    • Group Work
  • Source Analysis