Year 10 Subjects – French

Level: Year 10
Prerequisites: Year 9 French
Assumed knowledge: Year 8 and 9 French

Course Summary:

By the end of Year 10, students use written and spoken French to communicate about personal interests and broader social and cultural ideas. They explore the unique connections between French language and culture, developing skills to reflect on their own cultural identity in light of their experience of learning French.

Course content:

Interactions will include:

  • Comparing, agreeing and disagreeing
  • Talking about what you want and are able to do
  • Talking about past holidays
  • Talking about what to wear
  • Talking about the weather
  • Discussing cultural festivities and events
  • Expressing how you feel
  • Talking about what is necessary
  • Choosing, ordering and paying for food
  • Asking and giving advice
  • Buying train tickets


This will consist of:

  • Vocabulary and grammar tests and exams
  • Oral conversation skits
  • Creative written tasks
  • Aural comprehension
  • Workbook exercises