Year 10 – Food and Hospitality

Level: Year 10
Prerequisites: Nil
Assumed knowledge: Year 9 Home Economics

Course Summary:

Year 10 Food and Hospitality focuses on further developing and refining basic skills in cookery and food presentation. The course involves identifying current influences on food choices and how this impacts the community. Students also learn a variety of cake decorating techniques. They plan a catering event and create a cake that suits the desired theme.

Course content:

Semester 1:

  • Cookery Terminologies and Techniques
  • Budgeting
  • Life Stages and Nutrition
  • Event Planning
  • Cake decorating


  • Cooking Terminology Research poster and Oral Presentation
  • $5 Challenge Budgeting Group Portfolio and Practical
  • Homelessness Research Task
  • Entertainment Package Portfolio
  • Cake Decorating Practical Task