Year 10 – English

Level: Year 10
Prerequisites: Nil
Assumed knowledge: Nil

Course Summary: English is a core subject of the Australian curriculum.

Course content:

Unit 1: Language and Literacy

  • English Rules Grammar Book
  • Critical Literacy workbook

Unit 2: Film Study

  • Various tasks introduce concepts/conventions of film
  • Analysis of film techniques
  • Written response to film as text

Unit 3: Shared Text - Class Novel

  • Concepts of text construction identified and practised.
  • Variety of text and non-text responses (written and oral)
  • Formal Oral presentation
  • Essay writing skills introduced and practised.

Unit 4: Independent Novel Study

  • Varying tasks encourage interpretative thinking skills.
  • Narrative perspective and characterisation identified.
  • Essay writing skills practised


  • Students will be given an overview of assessment tasks (and applicable weighting) at the start of each term.
  • Varying tasks provide opportunity for both creative and analytical responses to texts, as well as non-text responses.
  • In each unit students will plan, draft and polish written, multimedia and oral pieces.
  • Reflective reading and comprehension skills will be developed.
  • Oral and multimedia communication skills will be practised.
  • Spelling and grammar skills will be practised.
  • Students will be reminded of the College’s Policy on Plagiarism, and continue to practise appropriate referencing where required.