Year 10 Subjects – Drama

Level: Year 10
Prerequisites: None
Assumed knowledge: Year 8 & 9 Drama

Course Summary:

By the end of Year 10, students analyse the elements of drama, forms and performance styles and evaluate meaning and aesthetic effect in drama they devise, interpret, perform and view. They use their experiences of drama practices from different cultures, places and times to evaluate drama from different viewpoints.

Students develop and sustain different roles and characters for given circumstances and intentions. They perform devised and scripted drama in different forms, styles and performance spaces. They collaborate with others to plan, direct, produce, rehearse and refine performances. They select and use the elements of drama, narrative and structure in directing and acting to engage audiences. They refine performance and expressive skills in voice and movement to convey dramatic action.

Course content:

Semester 1 & 2 Topics Covered:

  1. Modern Dramatic Innovators and Genres
  2. Performance Skill Development
  3. Responding to Performance
  4. Creating Dramatic Works.


  • Creative Synthesis 30%
  • Dramatic Skills Reflections 20%
  • Performance Portfolio 30%