Year 10 Subjects – Dance

Level: Year 10
Prerequisites: Nil
Assumed Knowledge: 9 Dance

Course Summary

Dance enables students to develop a movement vocabulary with which to explore and refine imaginative ways of moving both individually and collaboratively. They choreograph, rehearse, perform and respond as they engage with dance practice and practitioners in their own and others’ cultures and communities. Dance knowledge, understanding and skills ensure that, individually and collaboratively, students develop:

  • body awareness and technical and expressive skills to communicate through movement confidently, creatively and intelligently
  • choreographic and performance skills and appreciation of their own and others’ dances
  • aesthetic, artistic and cultural understanding of dance in past and contemporary contexts as choreographers, performers and audiences
  • respect for and knowledge of the diverse purposes, traditions, histories and cultures of dance by making and responding as active participants and informed audiences.

Outside participation in dance supports classroom learning, but is not compulsory.

Course content:

  • Skills Development: Diverse Movement Vocabulary & Composition
  • Creative Explorations: Recording Dance, Performing Dance
  • Dance Contexts: Viewing Live Dance Performance, Analysis of Professional Live Dance Theatre


  • Performance 30%
  • Composition 30%
  • Skills Assessment 20%
  • Responding to Dance 20%