Year 10 – Child Studies

Level: Year 10
Prerequisites: None
Assumed knowledge: Nil

Course Summary:

Year 10 Child Studies is a Semester subject which provides an introduction to Child Development from conception to eight years. This course is particularly for those students wishing to study the subject in Stage 1 and 2 SACE Child Studies.

Students look at a number of issues related to conception, pregnancy, foetal and child development. These issues are focused around decisions leading to and relating to Healthy Pregnancy, Birth, Parenting, Child Safety and optimal Child Development. Nutrition and Breakfast for children is also a focus topic and gives opportunity for practical based assessment.

Course content:

Semester 1:

  • Conception and Pregnancy
  • Birth and Delivery options
  • Parenting styles
  • Child Safety
  • Sewing revision and development of skills
  • Immunisation
  • Child Nutrition


  • Practical Activities – Child Safety, Baby bib construction, Funky Toy construction – suitable for a child aged 4+. Healthy Breakfast Practical
  • Group Activity – Research into individual topic, Group poster and Oral presentation.
  • Individual Research – Child Safety and Kidsafe Organisation