Year 10 Subjects – Australian Business Week (ABW)

Australian Business Week (ABW)

Australian Business Week (ABW) is a project-based learning program run over five days. Students work collaboratively in teams of 10 where the students step into roles of management of their team.

ABW encompasses aspects of English, Mathematics, Economics, Visual Art - Design and Business and Enterprise.

During the week, in their team, students will:

  • Manage a business through computer stimulation
  • Develop a new product of their own invention
  • Create a video and trade display to advertise that product
  • Give a verbal and written report of the week’s activities

The program encourages independent and cooperative learning skills in students while developing an entrepreneurial mindset prior to entering the workforce or proceeding to further study. It exposes participants to the issues of coping with stress and time management, both major issues that impact on students in the senior years of high school.

ABW is assessed as a 10 credit subject for SACE.

For more information visit ABW Enterprise Education