Scholarships at Emmaus Christian College are available to students who meet the College's enrolment criteria.  Please contact the Registrar on 8292 3888 if you require further information.


Academic Scholarships (ACER) - Year 8.

The College offers full and part scholarships to students entering Year 8 in 2019 through the ACER Australian Co-operative Entry Program Scholarship Program. Students entering Year 7 in 2018 will be eligible to apply and sit the examination on Saturday 3rd February 2018. There is an application fee of $110.00 per student and application is only available online. Click here to register closes on Thursday 18th January 2018. Click here to visit the for more information about the scholarship and the examination.


Music Scholarship - Years 7 or 8  

The Music Scholarship may be awarded to one new student entering either Year 7 or 8 at Emmaus Christian College in 2019. The recipient of this award is expected to be an exemplary student who can demonstrate advanced Music skills.  The award places emphasis on being able to make a signification contribution to the life of the College in Music. The recipient of the Music Scholarship would be required to study an instrument in an area selected by the College (in 2019 we are targeting brass or woodwind) with the tuition fees at their own cost.  This may be as a second instrument.
A written statement by the student, a supporting reference from the student's Music teacher and the scholarship application form should be submitted by Friday 2nd February 2018. Interviews and auditions for short-listed applicants will be required. This scholarship provides a 50% remission of tuition fees per annum for the remaining years of their schooling at Emmaus Christian College subject to annual review.


Pilgrim Scholarship - Year 8

The Pilgrim Scholarship may be awarded to one student entering Emmaus Christian College at Year 8 in 2019 from Pilgrim School. Applicants are required to demonstrate enthusiasm, participation and commitment in a range of activities which may include:

  • Academic achievement
  • Community Service
  • Leadership and Christian example
  • Extra-curricular involvement

A written statement by the student, along with current school reports, subject competition results, and other supporting documentation should be submitted with the required application form by Friday 2nd February 2018. The recipient of the Pilgrim Scholarship will be decided in consultation with the Principal and Staff of Pilgrim School.  This scholarship provides 50% remission of tuition fees per annum for five years from Years 8 to 12 subject to annual review.