Christian Education

Why choose Christian Education?

Christian education is Christ-centred.

Central to our programs is the belief that God has reached out to humanity through His Son Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ, God has demonstrated His love for each individual. This understanding of God gives purpose and meaning to life. The students in our classes are taught their unique worth in the light of this.

Our students are taught to develop values and ways of relating to others that reflect God's principles. In addition to this, our teachers provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment where students learn skills and develop abilities to reach their potential.

Our goal is to provide a balanced curriculum that addresses academic and spiritual needs as well as physical and emotional well-being, in harmony with Biblical truth.


Our Beliefs

A Christian school is a community founded on commonly shared beliefs. A primary goal is to support Christian parents in the education and spiritual development of their children. A Christian school is also a dynamic community that continually seeks to further understand and employ concepts of justice, mercy and humility in all aspects of the educational process.

Christian education is characterized by the concept of transformation. We aim to encourage and enable each student to individually develop a spiritual understanding and Biblical worldview that informs their life. Students are taught knowledge and skills that equip them for tertiary study and vocational development leading to effective service to the community through a range of career paths.

Students are enabled and encouraged to be politically and socially aware and to act from a sound ethical base. The pursuit of excellence is also strongly encouraged. Combined with the development of personal character and discernment skills, this provides students with a firm foundation for the future.