Our Vision
Inspiring hearts, inspiring minds.

Our Mission
To inspire young people by providing excellence in education within a caring Christian community.

Our Purpose
We want students to know that they are loved by God, to know that they are not a chance creation, but a unique individual deliberately created; that God’s love towards each of us was demonstrated in Jesus. From an understanding of this, we want our students to know their worth, and become mature Christian adults.

We see the pursuit of excellence as important. Each student will learn to know and develop the unique set of abilities God has given him or her so that as mature Christian adults they will have a positive, Godly influence on their world. Read on...

Our Values

Nurturing a Christ-centred faith and lifestyle.
Cultivating a lifelong love of learning.
Fostering authentic Godly relationships.
Encouraging acts of service at school and in the wider community.

One College, Two Campuses

The new Brooklyn Park campus is governed and operated by the existing Board and Executive Leadership team to ensure a consistent, authentically Christian and non-denominational approach to education.

Guaranteed F to 12 Pathway

We provide a complete schooling pathway for all our students across both campuses. All Brooklyn Park Campus Junior School students have guaranteed access to the South Plympton Middle School at the conclusion of Year 6 at Brooklyn Park.

Celebrating 40 Years

Our College was founded in 1979, as Bethesda Christian School with 29 students and three teachers.

Since then God has always met the needs of the College for the benefit of His children and His glory. Our numbers have grown steadily and now we have approximately 740 students with over 100 staff members.

We have continually sought God to know His vision for the College, and by setting our goals and trusting in Him we have seen His blessings.

Academic Achievement

At Emmaus Christian College, we believe that students thrive and academic results are achieved when they know they are loved by their Lord and Saviour.

The results of our 2019 Year 12 students are consistent with our NAPLAN results at Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 for numeracy and literacy which saw our Emmaus students perform 8.5 per cent above state averages. This represents an average advancement of 16 months ahead compared to their same age average state counterparts.

In 2019 100% of all eligible Emmaus Year 12 students achieved their SACE with 100% of all Stage 2 SACE subjects undertaken receiving a passing grade minimum. 40% of all Stage 2 SACE subjects undertaken by Emmaus students in 2019 were awarded A grades or higher compared with only 28% across the state. 2019 also saw Emmaus students awarded 17A+ individual SACE subject grades representing the highest possible subject grade. This represents the highest number of A+ Stage 2 SACE subject grades attained in any one year of the 40 year history of the College! Over half of all Emmaus 2019 student ATAR’s are ranked within the top 20% of the state with the highest 2019 ATAR an impressive 98.4.

A Balanced Curriculum

Our students are taught the Australian Curriculum through the lense of a Christian worldview.

Our approach to learning fosters curiosity through curriculum delivery that offers a balance of learning between acquiring knowledge and developing skills.

All students progress on a learning continuum. Teachers cater for the wide range of student abilities through differentiation and adjustment. This meets students where they are at and shows measured growth through clear ongoing assessment. We believe that this produces academically stretched, creative, balanced and emotionally intelligent students ready to embrace the world.

Our teachers explicitly embed high order thinking skills within their curriculum, so that all students can increase their thinking capacity and creativity. Growth Mindset strategies are integrated throughout the program.

We continually seek to develop understanding of and employ concepts of justice, mercy and humility in all aspects of the educational process.

Junior School (Foundation to Year 6)

Children in the Junior School are immersed in an all-encompassing Christian community. They are nurtured by teachers and support staff, all of whom without exception have a heart for our Lord Jesus.

The rich and diverse learning environment that we offer in the Junior School encompasses well-rounded holistic education that fosters development of the whole person. Critical and creative thinking encourages higher order thinking, and subsequently fosters academic performance to the highest level. Teachers constantly strive to cater for children of all levels by differentiating and providing opportunities that are many and extensive.

Early Learning Centre

The ELC will offer enrolment for children aged three to five years old. The nationally adopted Early Years Learning Framework will be presented from a Christian worldview, enriched by embracing practices from guided play-based learning, Reggio Emilia and Nature Play.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees and charges will be consistent with the South Plympton Campus. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount on the tuition fees for all 'foundation' families enrolled in 2020 and a 5% discount in 2021. Sibling concessions will continue to be offered across both campuses.

Fee Information

Brooklyn Park Campus Facilities

  • Generously sized classrooms with wet areas
  • Library Resource and Technology Centre
  • Specialist learning areas
  • Outdoor PE learning area with hard court
  • Outdoor play will include both nature play and equipment
  • Access to the Adelaide West Uniting Church auditorium for whole-school events