Year 11 Subjects – Design and Technology - Material Products 1

Level: Stage 1
Subject Name: Design and Technology - Material Products 1
Prerequisites: Design & Technology Year 10
Assumed knowledge: Design & Technology Year 10

Course Summary:

Design and Technology is a 10-credit subject at Stage 1.

Key tasks are; Investigation and analysis, Design development and planning, Production and Evaluating. Students design and create products developing their knowledge and skills associated with using different processes and production techniques including CAD skills. They work with a range of machines, tools, materials, equipment, and components to a high degree of precision to make high-quality products for intended purposes, while implementing safe working practices. They make sound decisions about materials and techniques, based on their testing and understanding of the physical properties and working characteristics of materials.

Students investigate and critically analyse a range of products, processes, and production techniques used in industrial situations. This information is used to create potential solutions through the design and creation of products. Students identify demands on their design, taking cost, time and materials management, ethical, cultural, and environmental issues into account. They explain how their ideas address these demands, and use their analysis to produce proposals for the present and future.

The learning requirements for Stage 1 Design and Technology emphasise the importance of the design process as a preliminary to the realisation process.

Semester Content:

Material Products -This context involves the use of a diverse range of design and manufacturing technologies such as CAD, tools, machines, and/or systems to create a product using appropriate materials. Students produce outcomes that demonstrate the knowledge and skills associated with using systems, processes, and materials. Contexts include wood.


  • Assessment Type 1: Task 1 Specialised Skills Task. Production from a working drawing -10%
  • Assessment Type 1: Task 2 Specialised Skills Task. CAD individual design task featuring simple storage unit rendered as a drawing -10%
  • Assessment Type 2: Design process and Solution – Design Process and Product. Investigate and Analyse, Design Development and Planning, Production of designed item and then Evaluate by documenting the entire process - 80%