Middle School Subjects – Indonesian

Language learning broadens students’ horizons in relation to the personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities that the world presents. The interdependence of countries and communities means people are required to negotiate experiences and meanings across languages and cultures and a capability in English only is no longer sufficient. A bilingual or multilingual capability is the norm in most parts of the world.

Through learning languages, students acquire:

  • communication skills in the language being learnt
  • an intercultural capability, and an understanding of the role of language and culture in communication
  • a capability for reflection on language use and language learning

Learners use Indonesian in a range of classroom interactions and experiences. They read and listen to texts, apply modelled language in creating their own texts and develop grammatical knowledge and language awareness. Learners observe fundamental concepts of Indonesia such as the diversity of peoples, religions, geography and languages. They explore the notion of Australia and Indonesia being neighbours, and compare aspects of environment, lifestyle and practices in both cultures (Australian Curriculum, 2018).

Indonesian students have an opportunity to interact and communicate with Indonesian students and staff of our Indonesian sister school in Manado, Indonesia. Also, there are Indonesian events and competitions that students can participate in.

From 2020, students at Emmaus are given the option to choose a full year of French or Indonesian starting from Year 7.

Year 7 (Full Year)

Class text: Saling - Saling Book 1
In year 7 students learn to introduce their selves, greetings, to express preferences (like-dislike) in hobbies and food, and to describe people and places. They will visit an Indonesian restaurant and do a cooking demo for an excursion and incursion.

Year 8 (Full Year)

Class text: Saling - Saling Book 2

In Year 8 students learn to discuss about family, to plan a holiday trip and activities, to shop, and to reflect on festivals and important dates between Australia and Indonesia. They will visit an Indonesian grocery store for an excursion.

Year 9 (Elective Subject)

Class Text: LP Indonesian - Advanced

In Year 9 students learn to express their opinion about the environment, Australia-Indonesia relationship, technology and social media, and art and entertainment. They use formal and informal language and compare life in Indonesia to Australia. They attend Indonesian music, movies and dance festival for an excursion.

Students consolidate their knowledge and understanding of Indonesian language and culture through various learning tasks and assessment types. These include:

  • Narrative Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Short films
  • Role-play

Year 10 Indonesian