Our accredited Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) services provide care for primary school students (F- Year 6) at either our Brooklyn Park or South Plympton Campus. The service operates between 3.10pm and 6pm. We do not provide before school care or vacation care.

Our OSHC provides children with a safe and stimulating environment which follows the National Quality 'My Time Our Place' framework with a primary focus on having fun together as children of God. Our relaxed atmosphere allows children to ex­plore, create, experiment and to be themselves.

Our OSHC enrolments are capped at a limit of 45 students at South Plympton and 30 students at Brooklyn Park.


OSHC students enjoy a range of activities including cooking, painting, pasting, drawing, colouring, box construction, creative making, games, group activities, sports activities, free play, quiet reading and homework time. These activities are compiled by staff observation, child suggestion and parental input and are available for viewing.


Our facilities include a homework time, quiet reading corner, indoor play area, outdoor play equipment/asphalt and oval play areas all supervised by staff who are dedicated, enthusiastic, encouraging and caring Christians whose primary focus is to assist each child reach their full potential in God.

How to enrol

To enrol in our OSHC Program simply complete the online enrolment form for your child's campus. Click on your campus link below.

Mr Matthew Rohrlach
South Plympton OSHC Director
Emmaus Christian College
7 Lynton Avenue
South Plympton SA 5038
Phone: (08) 8292 3801
Email: sposhc@emmauscc.sa.edu.au

Mr Kiro Mikhaeil
Brooklyn Park OSHC Director
Emmaus Christian College
34 Lipsett Terrace
Brooklyn Park SA 5032
Phone: (08) 8292 3802 or during school hours 8292 3899
Email: bposhc@emmauscc.sa.edu.au

South Plympton Campus OSHC Photos