Terms and Lessons

Term Dates 2017 (Subject to change)
Term 1 - Monday 30th January to Thursday 13th April
Term 2 - Tuesday 2nd May to Friday 7th July
Term 3 - Wednesday 26th July to Friday 29th September
Term 4 - Monday 16th October to Wednesday 6th December
Student Free Days for 2017 (Subject to change)
Term 2: Monday 1st May
Term 3: Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th July


Term Dates 2018 (Subject to change)
Term 1 - Monday 29th January to Friday 13th April
Term 2 - Tuesday 1st May to Friday 6th July
Term 3 - Tuesday 24th July to Friday 28th September
Term 4 - Monday 15th October to Wednesday 5th December
Student Free Days for 2018 (Subject to change)
Term 2: Monday 30th April
Term 3: Monday 23rd July

Daily Lesson Times:
School commences at 8.35am and finishes at 3.10pm unless otherwise notified.

Junior School:   Middle & Senior Schools:
08.40am Home Group   08.35am Home Group
09.00am Lesson 1   09.00am Lesson 1
09.40am Lesson 2   09.40am Lesson 2
10.20am Morning Recess   10.20am Lesson 3
10.40am Lesson 3   11.00am Morning Recess
11.20am Lesson 4   11.20am Lesson 4
12.00pm Lunch Time   12.05pm Lesson 5
12.50pm Lesson 5   12.50pm Lunch Time
01.30pm Lesson 6   01.35pm Lesson 6
02.10pm Afternoon Recess   02.20pm Lesson 7
02.20pm Lesson 7      
03.00pm Home Group