Recent Student Achievements: 

Congratulations to our Year 12 graduating class of 2016
The 2016 Year 12 results have been released and our students have produced some exceptionally strong results.  Below is a 'snap-shot' of the results:

100% (54 of 54) of students successfully completed their SACE
33.11% of all grades were in the A band - compared to 23.89% across the State
5 students achieved 'straight As' across all subjects
25% achieved an ATAR over 90
9.61% achieved an ATAR over 95 

Ross Monaghan achieved the highest ATAR of 99.15%

Seven students achieved a total 9 Merits (perfect subject scores):
Caleb Dolman (Material Products)
Lucy Grear (Research Project)
Mikayla Hussey (Psychology, Visual Arts-Art)
Hayley Keen (Child Studies)
Ross Monaghan (English Communications, Physics)
Hudson Siegfried (Research Project)
Brianna Wicks (Child Studies)

We give glory to God for the successes of our students and a special thanks to our teachers and families for supporting our Year 12 students achieve their results.